Strategic Plan 2021-24

Adopted November 2021

Programs and activities we want to see in place in the next three years as a result of our actions include:

Physician Support

Addresses issues facing the individual physician members, including workplace, job and wellness.

  • Professional Development: provide education and training on emergency medicine professional development with a focus on Anti-Racism
  • Workforce: Address Job security/Career Development/Retention through advocacy and PR campaigns
  • Wellness: Establish community events that encourage member dialogue
  • Advocate for fair compensation through EMF and PAC
  • Spearhead a campaign to demonstrate the value of EM Physicians/specialty

Chapter Health

Leadership development and Internal Processes

  • Membership growth/development: track percentage of ABEM certified members and grow membership through engagement.
  • Attract and maintain diverse leadership through WA-ACEP.
  • Communication and Marketing: upgrade website to improve usability of WA-ACEP services. Increase rate and efficacy of communication using E-blasts, Doc Matter and syncing these platforms to website.
  • Non-BC/BE EM Physician/APP outreach

Systems of Care

  • Streamline Communication WMCC/WA Health info to membership
  • Identify NWHRN and Eastside HRN EM physicians
  • Increase engagement with members, health system allies, and legislative issues regarding: Public Health Systems, Behavioral Health including transfers/capacity boarding, Cardiac Stroke, Compensation, Staffing Ratios and Anti-Racism and Health Justice.
  • Align with leaders in system capacity work

Legislation and Advocacy

Identify and maintain relationships with key alliances, raise and maintain PAC, communicate advocacy to members

  • Coordinate Advocacy with Alliances: WSHA, WSMA, gov’t committees
  • Increase and improve communication on legislative issues with members via improved website, cadence of e-blasts and engagement platforms like Doc Matter
  • PAC – Increase funds and membership to $30,000