emergency room ambulanceHow to Join WA/ACEP

For information on dues and how to join, go to the American College of Emergency Physicians website:


WA/ACEP is Your Voice…

…In Olympia. One of the important values of WA/ACEP membership is having your rights and interests represented in Olympia. As a strong, unified professional organization, we have taken many steps to empower emergency physicians and protect our patients. Now, more than ever, WA/ ACEP is actively engaged in the fight over balance billing, as well as ensuring adequate access to healthcare for our most vulnerable population. Legislative activities have included organizing member appointments with state legislators and hosting legislators at local emergency departments.

…In the Washington State Medical Association.
 WA/ACEP delegates represent you in the Washington State Medical Association – throughout the year at its Interspecialty Council meetings, quarterly at its Board of Trustees meetings, and annually at the House of Delegates meeting. In these forums, WA/ACEP has aggressively led the fight against banning balance billing and limiting the amount of ER visits.

…In the American College of Emergency Physicians. WA/ACEP councillors represent you at the annual ACEP meetings where national organization policy and legislative priorities are determined. WA/ACEP members also represent you on a number of ACEP committees, ensuring Washington has a voice on the national stage.

…In the Media. WA/ACEP members have participated in a number of highly visible media events featuring such issues as patient access, crowding and divisions, and boarding practices for psychiatric patients.

…In State Agencies. WA/ACEP leadership has pursued ensuring EMTALA screening fees are reimbursed with Medicare, Medicaid, the Department of Labor and Industries, and represents emergency physicians on the Emergency Medicine Services and Trauma Care Steering Commission.

CME & Educational Programs

New: Combined Summit to Sound – Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly and Emergency Medicine Leadership Summit.

WA/ACEP hosts an annual meeting each year in conjunction with the Washington Chapter Emergency Nurses Association, Summit to Sound – Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly.

Member Communications

WA/ACEP members enjoy an electronic newsletter packed with state and national news.

Engaged: As a member of WA-ACEP, you will have access to the WA-ACEP EngagedCommunity, an online representation of the collaborative, networking environment of WA-ACEP in-person meetings, through which members discuss topics related to emergency medicine with your WA-ACEP colleagues, all of which is moderated, organized, and supported to create a resource of high-quality clinical, advocacy and research-based discussions. Click Here to Access the WA-ACEP DocMatter Community