February 2015

Legislative Summit Success!

Bev Harn, MD (right) meets with Rep. Susan Fagan (R-9th) during the WSMA Legislative Summit in Olympia Jan. 26.

WA-ACEP continues to grow its contingency at the Annual WSMA Legislative Summit and day of hill visits.  Our delegation this year was 10 strong including members from nine districts including Drs. Nathan Schlicher (LD-26), Stephen Anderson (LD-5), Enrique Enguidanos (LD- 46), Christopher Kang (LD-28), Hayes Wong (LD -43), Beverly Harn (LD-9), Darin Nevin (LD-7), Cameron Buck (LD-5), Ryan Keay (LD-21), and Pauline Proulx (LD-47).  We had very successful meetings with the leadership of the House and Senate including the Healthcare committee leaders. 

The reception on our issues was overwhelmingly positive.  The support for Mental Health funding and solving the problems of the involuntary commitment system was strong.  There are a number of bills looking at how to get patients easier access to additional resources including concepts such as involuntary outpatient treatment, chronic mental illness detention, and increased alternatives such as peer to peer support.  One alternative, Telemedicine, that has been a top priority for the house of medicine over the last two years is making progress and we are hopeful for success this year.  This will allow providers to bill for remote services and ideally allow specialists to see patients at our rural and community hospitals without having to overwhelm the tertiary centers.

Other priorities in the budget including funding for Graduate Medical Education, the Health Services Loan Repayment program, and others received strong support from both sides of the aisle.  The reality though is that with the challenging budget this year, support now may not materialize in a positive outcome in June when the budget comes together.  It will be important for us to keep engaged and count on our membership to push for these issues when the budget is coming together in the coming months.

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EDIE/PMP Integration

Most Washington EDs should be receiving the EDIE and PMP report. A PMP report is generated if a patient meets one of the following criteria:

  1. More than three (3) prescribers within 12 months
  2. More than four (4) controlled substance II-V prescriptions within 12 months
  3. More than two (2) controlled substance II-V prescriptions within last 40 days
  4. Any prescription for Methadone, Suboxone, fentanyl transdermal, LA morphine, and LA oxycodone within last 6 months
  5. Any overlapping prescriptions for narcotics (controlled substance II-V) and benzodiazepines within last 6 months
  6. More than 100 average MED/day prescribed within last 40 days

If they do not hit regular visit criteria they could still trigger a notification if the PMP report hits one of the above.

Reasons for not receiving a report:

  1. Matching Criteria. Collective Medical Technologies (CMT) wants to send the right report with the right patient. If CMT does not have enough information from the hospital data and/or the PMP database to make an exact match on the patient, a report will not be sent.
  2. Timing. CMT currently pings the PMP database for the report and if no response is received within 3 minutes, CMT sends the EDIE Notification without the pharmacy report.

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Don’t Miss the Cadaver Lab at Summit to Sound

High Risk Procedures Cadaver Lab (non CME)
Two sessions offered: 9-11:30 AM and 1-3:30 PM Wednesday, April 22.

Sponsored by Teleflex, this lab gives WA-ACEP members an opportunity to learn and practice important emergency procedures in a safe, controlled environment. The lab utilizes fresh, unembalmed cadavers, which closely simulate the anatomy and feel of an actual patient. Space is limited to 30 participates per lab so sign up early. Register for the entire Summit to Sound and save $25 on the Cadaver Lab!

2015 Summit to Sound Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly
April 22-24
Bell Harbor Conference Center
Seattle, WA
Register Online
Meeting Brochure Now Available!
Meeting Schedule

Need Lodging?
A conference room block has been arranged at The Edgewater
2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67
Seattle, WA 98121
Book at this link to receive the special rate of $219/night. Reservations must be made by March 23.

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Volunteer for an ACEP Committee and Lend Your Skill and Expertise

Your participation on an ACEP Committee will make a difference, so please complete your committee interest form by May 22, 2015, to start your volunteer journey. ACEP committees provide important leadership to ACEP members, its Board and Council. Each committee is appointed by the President to assist with activities for the year. ACEP has more than 30 committees and task forces working on issues such as ethics, emergency medicine practice, pediatric emergency care, disaster medicine and more. Don't wait to get involved.

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ACEP Develops Measles Fact Sheet, Resource Page

The United States has experienced a record number of measles cases (Rubeola) in 2014 (more than 600 patients), which is the greatest number in more than 14 years. This virus represents a challenge to Emergency Medicine because it is highly infectious and has been rarely seen in Emergency Departments in the recent past. ACEP developed a Fact Sheet about this disease for a review of its presentation, clinical course and implications for your Emergency Department. Visit for more information and for new resources added as needed.

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Don’t Miss ACEP’s Legislative Advocacy Conference

Join emergency medicine leaders from throughout the country in shaping that future at ACEP's 2015 Legislative Advocacy Conference and Leadership Summit to be held May 3-6 at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC. Thought-provoking, inspiring and challenging sessions by nationally recognized speakers and key decision makers will provide you the inside information and skills you need to maximize your impact as an emergency medicine leader and advocate. Learn more and register.

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Upcoming Meetings

WA-ACEP 2015 Summit to South Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly
April 22-24, 2015
Bell Harbor Conference Center
Seattle, WA

ACEP Leadership and Advocacy Conference (LAC)
May 3-6, 2015
Washington, DC

Oct. 26-29, 2015
Boston, MA

2015 Emergency Medicine Leadership Summit
Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2015
The Conference Center at Seattle Tacoma International Airport

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Russ Carlisle, MD
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