Summer 2012

A Successful 2012 Summit to Sound

More than 175 providers participated in the 2012 Summit to Sound –Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly held May 16-18 in Seattle. Thanks to the efforts of all of the members of the Education Committee, this year’s conference was well-received and successful on numerous fronts – including new records for the number of exhibitors and overall attendance as well as the presence of the first year resident physicians from the UW EM residency program!

Summit to Sound Workshops:  All three workshops were well-attended and received Ultrasound Workshoppositive evaluations. A workshop on hand emergencies reviewed pertinent anatomy and the accurate evaluation and management of various hand emergencies. The two ultrasound workshops were offered hands-on experience with vascular access and more advanced emergency applications. Next year, efforts will be made to provide some certification or documentation of the hands-on experience completed that could facilitate clinical privileges.

Leadership and Awards: The Thursday luncheon on May 17 marked several momentous events. Most notably, Cynthia Markus, MD received the first-ever WA ACEP Nancy Auer Meritorious Achievement Award. Dr. Markus has been a member of the WA-ACEP Board of Directors since 1982, including president in 2002. She also served on the WSMA Board of Directors since 1975, including President in 2008-09. Her accomplishments and her unwavering commitment to the principles of fair and proper treatment toward Emergency Medicine practitioners and patients started at a time when Emergency Medicine was not popular. Cynthia Markus, MD, is presented the WA-ACEP Nancy Auer Meritorious Achievement Award by none other than Nancy Auer, MD.

Schlicher, Cody and Anderson.Stephen Anderson, MD provided an update on the recent WA HCA issue and the implementation of the Alternative Plan/Best Practices before passing the gavel to Steve Marshall, MD, the 2012-2013 President. The working relationship and collaboration between the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA), Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA), Washington State Medical Association (WSMA), and WA ACEP were recognized and strengthened. WA State Representative Eileen Cody was honored with the first Guardian of Emergency Medicine award for her work and support of WA ACEP on the ED visit limit issue. Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD and Stephen Anderson, MD were also recipients of the Guardian of Emergency Medicine award for the leadership and efforts over the past year.

Four new colleagues were elected to serve on your Board of Directors: Brian Livingston, MD; Heather Marshall, MD; Susan Stern, MD; and Juliana Yu, MD. Steve Marshall, MD provided his vision and agenda for the coming year, including continued vigilance and dedication to continuing to resolve the WA HCA and balanced billing issues and to serving all of you.

Dr. Steve Stack, MD, Chair of the AMA, talks about U.S. National Healthcare.Didactic Symposium Sessions: This year’s S2S NEMA offered a potpourri of educational offerings. The morning session of the first day covered a topic of growing importance and visibility – neurological emergencies – and included updates on the management of headaches and strokes, and pediatric and adult head injuries. The afternoon session highlighted a topic that your Education Committee believed to be relevant to all of the conference attendees – current and upcoming medical practice and management issues in WA. Steven Stack, MD, the first emergency physician to serve as Chair of the AMA, talked about the current state of affairs from a national perspective. Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD talked about recent state advocacy issues. Stephen Anderson, MD presented on handling difficult situations and discussions on an institutional and individual basis. The morning session of the second day featured a topic requested repeatedly by you over the past two S2S NEMAs – wilderness medicine -with Paul Auerbach, MD giving the first of four entertaining and informative presentations. The final session reviewed OB/Gyn emergencies, including a focused approach to perimortem c-sections by Charlotte Page Wills, MD. Lastly, the statewide Journal Club discussed the use of capnography during procedural sedations, heralded the involvement of EM residents, and was attended by over 30 people.

Thanks to your support, the S2S NEMA continues to grow, serve your educational needs, and gain respect in the Pacific Northwest and amongst numerous speakers from around the country!

Christopher Kang, MD, FACEP, FAWM
Immediate Past Chair, Education Committee

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Spotlight on Washington at LAC

The ACEP National Leadership and Advocacy Conference (LAC) was held in Washington, DC May 20-23. Washington State, the emergency physicians, and the work of your chapter were one of the central issues in this meeting in front of the leaders of our specialty from across the nation. Your work and leadership on the Alternative Plan, development and support of an Emergency Action Fund (EAF), and willingness to fight to protect the prudent layperson were the toast of the town and the recognized by ACEP President David Seaberg, MD, CPE during his opening address. A few quick highlights from our trip:

Record Delegation: Our state had seven members advocating on Capitol Hill for you and our specialty. The delegation was led by Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD. Additional members included: Kathleen Smith, MD, from Madigan for a first time visit and hopeful continued future delegate; a resident recruit to the state Jennifer L’Homedius Stankus, MD, JD; a Past President of WA ACEP John Milne, MD; and President Elect Christopher Kang, MD. Our future is bright with two current EMRA leaders in our state that will be great future leaders, Alison Haddock, MD, EMRA Legislative Advisor and Hamad Husainy, DO, EMRA Speaker of the Council. 

Great Meetings: The delegation met with seven of the House Members Health Legislative Advisors in productive meetings to discuss a ban on synthetic drug, critical drug shortages, SGR reform, medical liability protection, and, of course, the Washington Medicaid problems. Members of the delegation also met personally with Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray to discuss these issues. They were receptive on all of these issues and will hopefully be voting on the ban on synthetic drugs and critical drug shortages later this month.

National Recognition: The College expressed their ongoing deep appreciation for the leadership, time, and effort that Washington State Members put in to overcome the Medicaid Visit Limitation Plans. The ACEP Emergency Medicine Action Fund was proud to recognize the state and their contribution to our fight. Everyone should be proud of the work that we are doing and feel even more committed to make the savings needed and make this plan a success. 

Spreading the Message: After the conclusion of the ACEP LAC, Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD, and Barbara Tomar and Gordon Wheeler from the Washington DC ACEP office were the feature speakers in a 90 minute webinar hosted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services.

Our delegation to LAC continues to grow in size and experience. It is an amazing conference at which the leaders of your specialty gather to fight for our patients and our causes. We hope to see an increasing number of you there. Please contact any members of the delegation that went this year to discuss their experience. Be proud and join the delegation!

Nathan Schlicher, MD, JD
Chair, Legislative Affairs Committee

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Has Your ED Adopted and Implemented the 7 Best Practices by June 15?

In order to avoid the Medicaid no-payment policy on July 1, 2012, hospitals are expected to adopt and implement the seven Best Practices by June 15, 2012. Take a look at the
WA-ACEP Best Practices Took Kit to learn more.

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