January 2013

Update from 2012 ACEP Council Meeting and SA in Denver, CO

The 2012 American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Scientific Assembly (SA) in Denver has come to a close with a successful showing from your Washington Chapter of ACEP (WA ACEP) at both the Council Meeting and Education Session. Out of the over 5400 attendees at SA, Washington was well represented by over 80 WA ACEP members, including resident physicians, community-based providers, past chapter leaders, and multiple members, and all of the officers, of the Board of Directors (BoD).

Council Meeting
WA ACEP sent seven Councillors and three Alternate Councillors, including: President Steven Marshall, Immediate Past President Stephen Anderson, President-Elect Christopher Kang, Secretary/Treasurer Enrique Enguidanos, Past President John Milne, BoD John Matheson, BoD Liam Yore, Legislative Committee Chairman Nathan Schlicher, Resident Physician Liaison to the BoD Laura Cookman, and member Jennifer L'Hommedieus Stankus. Stephen Anderson served on Reference Committee B (Public Policy) and Christopher Kang served on Reference Committee C (Emergency Medicine Practice Issues), giving WA ACEP two of the 15 total representatives. Nathan Schlicher was honored by the Council with the Council Horizon Award, presented to an individual within the first five years of Council service who demonstrated outstanding contributions and participation in Council activities. The issues of opioid management and emergency department (ED) utilization that WA ACEP spearheaded the past two years were hot topics again this year.

Journal Club
WA ACEP hosted another of its innovative state journal club (JC) with continued excellent turnout. The use of steroids in the treatment of community acquired pneumonia was examined and debated by over 30 people, including members from other state chapters, the President of the Emergency Medicine Residents’ Association (EMRA), and one-third of the entire members of the national ACEP BoD. With its ever growing audience, the chapter is exploring the opportunity to make it a part of the annual national ACEP SA Educational Session.

EMRA Representatives
Washington has been fortunate to have two members of the EMRA BoD from WA ACEP. Alison Haddock, serving as the Legislative Advisor, and Hamad Husainy, serving as the Speaker of the Council, both completed their two-year terms in Denver. The entire chapter is exceedingly proud of their involvement in EMRA and confident that they will continue their productive roles within WA ACEP and the greater College. The future looks bright as several resident physicians have started to inquire about and explore greater participation and roles in EMRA.

Education Session
The Education Session started with a Town Hall Meeting on “The Future of Healthcare, Emerging Issues and Current Efforts to Bridge the Gaps”, hosted by President Andrew Sama, who was joined by Steven Stack, current Chair of the Board of Trustees of the American Medical Association and a recent speaker at the 2012 WA ACEP Summit to Sound Northwest Emergency Medicine Assembly. In addition to hundreds of clinical course offerings and workshops, the Education Session also featured numerous sessions on improving your practice, including the use of medical scribes in the ED, new handheld devices and applications that you should know, and calculating and communicating medical risk with your patients at the bedside. In light of healthcare reform and the Accountable Care Act, additional course offerings highlighted ED overcrowding, getting your “piece of the pie” with ACO models, redesigning acute care, and the true value of emergency medicine (EM) in the evolving healthcare environment. Finally, a segment of the Opening Session was dedicated to your Colorado colleagues who performed so admirably and represented the best emergency medicine has to offer during the Aurora Theater shooting and mass casualty incident. The video played at the Opening Session may be viewed at the ACEP website, Some of the Colorado EM providers involved in the response to the incident also shared their recollections and fielded questions during a standing room only filled panel discussion.

Research Forum
The Research Forum featured several poster displays from Washington, including a case series on bath salts by the recently recertified WA Poison Control Center and a study on EM residents’ perception of medical professionalism that involved members from both the Madigan and University of Washington EM residency programs.


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Preparing for the 2013 SA in Seattle

A fun-filled video showing the highlights of Seattle featuring several of your WA ACEP leaders was shown at the Opening Session. It was well-received and set the stage for the exciting return of ACEP SA to Seattle in 2013. Members from other chapters commented that it "raised the bar" for future host chapters. If you have not yet seen it, take a look here.

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YOUR Assistance Needed! Help Make the 2013 SA in Seattle “A Resounding Success!”

Since July, your BoD has been planning for the 2013 ACEP SA in Seattle, including discussions with the ACEP staff and national BoD. In Denver, ACEP was already advertising for the 2013 SA in Seattle. Preliminary reports suggest that reservations for the host hotel have already been completely booked!

As your BoD continues to prepare for the 2013 Council Meeting and SA in Seattle, there is much we have to do as the host chapter! The development of a cohesive strategic plan is well underway and should be completed after the upcoming WA ACEP ED Leadership Summit. Your BoD is going to "raise the bar" again – starting with activities even before SA attendees arrive, increasing at the Council Meeting and EMRA Council, peaking with a host chapter reception that may be talked about for years, and continuing until the last SA attendees depart.
However, the success of WA ACEP as the host chapter for the 2013 SA is dependent on you and your participation! Some of the activities that need your support are:

  • greater attendance at SA;
  • talking about the 2013 SA in Seattle to your friends and colleagues, both within the state and around the country;
  • submission of ideas for host chapter summary guides recommended things to do, sights to see and experience, and places to eat for visiting SA attendees;
  • sponsorship of and attendance at the WA ACEP host chapter reception; and
  • broader participation with contributions to the Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) and National EM Political Action Committee (NEMPAC), with your BoD leading the way.

Let us remind all of ACEP that although we may not be the largest state or chapter, we are proud of our home as well as the legacy, current state, and future of our chapter. With friends, colleagues, and guests, we can and will be the consummate hosts; with foes, we can be most formidable! Please stay tuned, get involved, and actively support and assist us with the preparations for an amazing 2013 SA and WA ACEP reception October 14-17!

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